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Just wanting to spend a glorious day out on the pristine beaches of Flores? Make sure to bring a backpack with provisions and be prepared for some mud and spontaneous weather changes. A good portion of the trail is boardwalk and sand. Look for markers indicating trailheads and hike some of the old-growth forest. Do the whole 22km in one day, or ask the Wild Side office about chartering a boat to the outside beaches cutting your walking time in half. This is for those who want a chance to experience all that the Wild Side has to offer while taking their time along the way.
Weather on the West Coast is highly variable and can change quickly. Pack good rainwear (tops and bottoms) even if the forecast is sunny and 2 changes of dry warm-when-wet clothing (fleece, wool) and more than 2 pairs of socks. Please remember to pack enough supplies for your entire stay. The Wild Side trail offers 3 designated camping areas complete with platforms, outhouses, and food caches. For those interested in truly “roughing it” feel free to camp anywhere on the trail as long as you’re are able to appropriately store your food.
Planning to travel to the trail in your kayak? The secret to enjoying this amazing area is to explore both land and sea. The launch point in Tofino is near the main government wharf right 'downtown', there is a small, rocky beach. 
On Flores - Whitesand Cove: N49 15.543 W126 04.122 ~ Cow Bay: N49 15.534 W126 08.085 
*Note that swell heights are dictated by what's going on hundreds of miles off-shore, and are not predicable by recent, local weather. Take a marine-band radio with you to check swell heights and predicted conditions.
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The trail, from the Ahousaht village to the wild coast of Flores Island, is a unique showcase of the First Nation’s history and culture. The trail has been continuously used by the Ahousaht people for thousands of years for spirituals purposes, to gather medicinal plants and seasonal food, as well as to collect wood and bark for cultural uses.

Bear, cougar and wolf encounters are possible at any location along the trail, so try to keep negative encounters to a minimum, use the metal food/storage caches or bring a long rope and a waterproof sac to store all food items and anything food smelling (ie deodorant, shampoo etc) and hang them at least 8 ft high on a tree limb.  Do this whenever you leave camp, are not cooking and at night.

~ At this time we recommend that dogs not be brought onto the trail due to the high number of wolf sightings ~

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The ultimate group destination, enough space for everyone to enjoy and explore tranquil wilderness and outstanding West Coast scenery. Spend a few days camping or pick your favourite beach for a picnic, the Wild Side trail is the perfect host for group retreats. Inquire via email or at the Wild Side office for special group rates.

Contact Us: infowildsidetrail@gmail.commailto:infowildsidetrail@gmail.comshapeimage_23_link_0
Please note, to keep the trail in good condition there is a $25 fee for any use of the trail.
Yearly memberships available, contact the WildSide office.

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